Using its in-house-developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and an ISO 27001 compliant IT system, Geneva Compliance Group SA (GCG) delivers cutting edge data analysis, tax reporting services and the highest standard of confidentiality to its worldwide clients.

FATCA Sponsor & CRS Service Provider

By performing the Financial Institution's (FI) obligations on its behalf, GCG contributes to the entity's proper application of Common Reporting Standard (CRS) & Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requirements. The FATCA “Owner documented” status has no equivalent under CRS/AEOI and thus entities who elected this status are responsible for their own reporting in their registration country. As CRS/AEOI Service Provider and FATCA Sponsor, GCG offers a consolidated solution of CRS Service Provider and FATCA Sponsoring services, where all duties are conducted under a single roof. GCG is a registered FATCA sponsor with GIIN LRJITJ.00000.SP.756 which offers a turnkey solution via a simple process that ensures all relevant documents are available within 48h. (W8-BEN-E, W8-IMY, W8-BEN, W-9 and any other bank specific form)

  • Identification of the persons holding an Equity Interest (Account Holder)
  • Account Holder documentation
  • AEOI activated agreements mapping & determination of reporting requirements
  • Personal and financial data formatting
  • Record keeping
  • Regulatory monitoring

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Jurisdictions like the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Panama require the registration of all Financial Institutions even if reporting isn’t required. GCG performs the registration process on behalf of the entity, and acts as authorized user or person of contact to facilitate to follow up on the registration.


By outsourcing the FATCA/CRS obligations of the FI to GCG, directors or trustees benefit from GCG broad reporting capabilities and bring their entities into compliance at a lower cost and saving a considerable workload.

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Compliance Consulting

Geneva Compliance Group SA (GCG) offers professional support enabling financial intermediaries to effectively implement regulatory requirements. In addition to our availability to answer all your regulatory questions, our service offer includes complete solutions, from planning to implementation and project monitoring. As a one-stop shop, GCG offers pragmatic and targeted solutions in the areas of regulation and compliance covering the following areas of expertise:

As experts in the regulatory and compliance fields, we offer these services in the form of one-off or long-term support. Our solutions are pragmatic and tailor-made, and aim to help you achieve your compliance objectives, helping to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Trust our teams and experience to help you meet these challenges!

Compliance Outsourcing & Risk Management

Having in place a compliant organization on combating money laundering and terrorist financing is a compulsory obligation for all Swiss financial intermediaries subject to the Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AMLA). With the forthcoming entry into force of laws on financial institutions (FinIA) and financial services (FinSA), compliance obligations will be strengthened and asset managers and trustees will have to integrate a compliance function separate from the functions of managers / relationship managers.

In addition, asset managers and trustees must have adequately designed risk management and effective internal controls. These obligations require the identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring of risks, as well as the structuring of the control process.

With the professionalism of its teams and its independence, Geneva Compliance Group SA (GCG) offers to take charge of your Compliance and Risk Management functions in an efficient and optimal way, offering the following services:


  • Corporate Governance
  • AML and Sanctions
  • Code of Conduct and Client Protection
  • Operational Risks
  • Cross-border
  • IT & Protection of Personal Data
  • Strategic Compliance Update
  • Control
  • Quarterly Interviews
  • Preparation and Assistance to Audits
  • On-site Advice and Support
  • Training

Risk Management & Internal Control

  • Assistance in defining a risk management strategy
  • Establishing and updating an internal control system (ICS)
  • Monitoring the ICS
  • Establishing and updating a risk matrix
  • Establishing and updating a control matrix
  • Periodic risk controls
  • Internal reporting
  • Training

Trust our teams and experience to help you meet these challenges!

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